About Chi&Ko

Founded by brother and sister duo Pedro and Maria Gallo, Chi&Ko is a purpose-driven Melbourne business that makes what we like to call wearable art such as jewellery and Accessories with a strong ethical backbone. 

The Jewellery is designed and handmade beaded in the loom, by Maria and by indigenous people in Colombia. It respects the traditions of indigenous people. 

Chi&Ko is the union of Chimini ('Muisca' for Female creative force) and Kokori ('Embera Katio' for wildflower) as well as the name of an Embera girl who originally inspired Maria's work; both words are native indigenous words of Colombia. 


We are strongly committed  to give back to the communities that inspire our products, and to care and protect our beloved planet earth. As part of this commitment we currently donate 10% of  our yearly profit and with the vision on increasing the percentage given away the next couple of years. See more on these donations in our events/news section.

We believe that we must facilitate activities that will enrich these communities living conditions and feed the culture with motivation and faith so that these traditions can be kept alive, as we consider this ancestral knowledge pivotal for human kind evolution


Thanks a million for believing in ethically hand made products.

We send out blessings! 

Maria Jose gallo & Pedro Gallo
Aho mitakuye oyiasin