MARCH- APRIL 2019- starting workshops 










OCTOBER 2018 Workshop 











June- 1 2018: we'll be updating out store and releasing our new collection of accessories composed of sterling silver mini sculpture rings, sequin earrings, beaded earrings, wayuu bags and wayuu pom poms head pieces. 

Feb-may 2018: We'll be working on our new collection for 2018-2019 from Colombia. Will be released in June. 

December 2017: We'll  having a pop up shop Located at 15A Union Street 3056 Brunswick. We make arepas (Colombian food) & coffee you can enjoy in our garden and gallery with our Jewellery on saturday 16th-23rd of December.












December 2017: We'll be participating at footscray Finds with our Jewellery on sunday 17th of December.


July 2017 We Had our disgraceland  Ephimeral Gallery Exhibition and Collaboration with various local artist


December 2016: We'll be participating at Blender Lane Artist's Market with our Jewellery on Wednesday 7th, 14th and 21st of December

October 2016: We are currently working on a new collection of homewares, lamps, coffee tables and small bedside tables after collating lots of timber and metal wire from gift fair, fine food and world skills.

August 2016: We (Us and you, our customers) were able to help David get a pair of glasses to help him read. His family could not afford neither the original consultation nor the glasses prescribed. David resides with his mum in Santo Domingo, one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Medellin, Colombia.